One of my earliest, strongest and most consistent desires has been to write a book. Instead, I’ve repeatedly settled for random ramblings (some powerful, some pitiful) with absolutely no common theme except what I believe God is teaching me inside that moment. I’ve collected the most recent of these on this blog.

And where I’ve lacked in pursuing my dream of writing consistently, I’ve managed in the last years to build a sort of brand. It started as a small business, designing and selling graphic tees. But when my accidental business (birthed on the couch of brain surgery recovery) accidentally got busy and the workload became too much (in the sense that it did not at all in line with my passions) I tried my hand at rebranding.

THEBBTEE brand became GIRLBOSS DROPOUT. A collection of silly squares with the sole purpose to make you laugh and in turn, shamelessly affirm me in my wit. You read that correctly. I literally walked away from a thriving business for laughs and likes. But clearly, money has never been my motivation, or I wouldn’t constantly try my hand at authorship.

If laughing or supporting slightly insecure egos is your thing, check out my non-writing accounts on Instagram or Facebook!



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