The gospel and my girls.

Sure, they are just four and five. And sure, kids are prone to naughty. They aren’t spared of sinful souls. They aren’t perfect. I don’t expect them to be. And I’m not a perfect mom, but I like to think I’m a good mom. Things are rough around here right now. I’m constantly examining and... Continue Reading →

I have a secret.

So kinda big news... I have no idea how it all will go down yet—I wing everything. You know this. I’m not sure when I’ll officially announce on my business page but, figured here is a good place to start. The suspense. If you don’t know, I married into a family business. I’ve always admired... Continue Reading →

Dear daughters, yes.

I have been so convicted lately of how often I try to control my daughters. I’m in a season of being hypersensitive to the insane amount of times I say no, when I could’ve easily said yes. And it’s a lot. . Someone shared with me recently a book they are reading that emphasizes how... Continue Reading →

Mozart Piano Concerto No. 15

Ballerina outfits on. “Alexa, play classical music.” The living room stage is set and they dance. They have my undivided attention (read: phone is in another room) as they leap and spin (and fall from excess spinning). I take a mental snapshot. I will miss this. Soon the burdens of this world will weigh down... Continue Reading →

Alone together.

I had a bad day—well, actually just a bad moment in my day. But it felt big and heavy and well, grief kinda takes you over like that, I guess. You don’t get to chose when or where or why. I want to scream at the top of my lungs what’s wrong, or explain the... Continue Reading →


I think I’ve always been prone to an over awareness and self absorption regarding my appearance, but recently it’s become all consuming. Maybe it’s easy and daily access to unrealistic images? Maybe it’s my post-motherhood body? Or post-tumor physical and emotional adjustments? Or maybe it’s just that I long too hard for my 20ish year... Continue Reading →

On this day..

There is nothing spectacular about this photo yet everything about this moment was. Let me back up. Today we debuted a ridiculously adorable video over on THEBBTEE of this mission my five year old is on to help sponsor a child’s education in Haiti. (Click here to see.) Later while killing time on Facebook, their... Continue Reading →

Life on a ledge.

There is this conference I want to attend in Nashville. It’s 6 hours away. I’ve got all sorts of anxiety over driving the 6 hours there, attending it solo, and eating out by myself?! Forget about it. . Then I look at this 20ish year old version of me. She was so cool. (Hair choices,... Continue Reading →

Baby steps.

If you read my last post, you learned I’m on a journey. A self love journey, I suppose. Even to say that out loud makes me cringe. Long way to go. Today though, this question stopped me in my tracks. And I want to ask you the same.. “Why do you want to be pretty?”... Continue Reading →

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