I’m writing a book.

After you decide to try your hand at writing a book, you have to figure out what it'll be about. I feel like maybe people who have their lives more together, have an idea first and then decide to write about it. I don't have my life together yet though and frankly, I want the... Continue Reading →

Living a better story.

Maybe it’s late, my brain is overactive and I’m sleep deprived. Or maybe this is as impactful and worthy to share as I think it is. This is the first few pages of a chapter I just read, skipping the middle that I don’t think the story hinges upon, and ending with a tear jerker... Continue Reading →

How do you say Matryoshka?

I clicked on stupid Facebook bait to see who I’d still be “best friends with in 20 years”. The results were calculated and I legit had to do a double take. I’d definitely never met the person in the profile picture staring back at me and didn’t even remember we were Facebook friends because I’ve... Continue Reading →


I recently read an ‘old’ verse with new eyes. There is Scripture in Luke where Jesus warns us (people who call themselves followers) to be ready. I was in a mood. I kind of giggled at the thought of being caught off guard—in red handed unreadiness. I pictured myself surrounded by a mountain of little... Continue Reading →

Dear God, will you be my Valentine?

I’ve been doing a ton of self reflection recently. I mean, I’m always eager in the search’o’self and in the pursuit of betterment. (Eh, eager or obsessed?—insert nervous chuckle.) Yesterday I jotted down some answers to: Who am I? What do I find my identity in? Why do I care so much if people think... Continue Reading →

Happy [AN]niversary to me.

Yesterday I woke up and everything was grey. You see, it was my three year brain surgery anniversary and the day always finds me depressed. . I recently joined a virtual support group for Acoustic Neuroma survivors. I made my first post yesterday— asking what they do and how they feel on their anniversaries. About... Continue Reading →

Gut check.

Jovie tonight- “I feel like you and Daddy don’t even know Jesus bc you never read your Bibles.” Talk about gut check. She’s 100% right. We have been in a rut—insert a million excuses—but here’s your friendly reminder (mine was more brutal) that YOUR KIDS ARE ALWAYS WATCHING AND LEARNING. Am I modeling a relationship... Continue Reading →

From pit to peace.

Just hours after Remy’s birth they took her from me for testing—to look at her vocal cords, I think. One minute I’m holding her tiny fingers in my hand while she’s being examined on a table, the next a doctor is calling my husband to return to the hospital because I was too inconsolable to... Continue Reading →

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