Just pull over.

I was reading highlights out of Francis Chan’s Forgotten God to Hubs in the car on the way home from dropping Jovie off at school. We were discussing how we can tend to get tripped up on what, as a couple, we are called to be doing. We have these grand sweeping convictions. Big picture... Continue Reading →

Jonah and the sausage.

I was watching a documentary about a missing girl when all of the sudden it took a turn into the world of child trafficking. The episode ended and I made my way upstairs for bed with a knot in my throat. I laid down that night in the fetal position almost sure I was going... Continue Reading →


Between the discovery of my brain tumor and today, the scale is up 41 pounds. I could cry just re-reading that sentence out loud. (And looking at this screen grab of me from a video testimonial taken a day or two before surgery.) At the end of 2017, I decided to take up battle on... Continue Reading →

Low self-esteem and pride.

If my current spiritual growth was a book, it would have four clear chapters. Four clear topics on which I'm learning: Talents, Discipline, Insecurity and Pride. It literally seems like every scripture, sermon, or sentence in a book falls in line with one of the above topics and at the same time they are all... Continue Reading →

The Oregon trail.

Having been born in raised in this south Florida paradise, I find very few if any other climates that appeal to my nature. If I have to wear much more than a hooded sweatshirt more than 10 times a year, I’m not interested in calling it home. Don’t get me wrong, it is my life’s... Continue Reading →

Forever poem.

Young, and molded Left with scars The first boy would define me. Years were lost In blinding dark The second led to life. By chasing states Through starry nights, The third I won't forget. So endless time Will count the suns The fourth will steal forever. Long time waited, Other half So sweet is this... Continue Reading →

The Vase.

She was like a vase placed on the mantel for all to look at. She glowed with self-confidence. She shined with an unmistakable excitement for life. She sat high on the shelf; untouchable and unattainable. This vase was highly guarded. The minute anyone came within feet of the shelf, steel bars would fly up and... Continue Reading →

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