On this day..

There is nothing spectacular about this photo yet everything about this moment was. Let me back up. Today we debuted a ridiculously adorable video over on THEBBTEE of this mission my five year old is on to help sponsor a child’s education in Haiti. (Click here to see.) Later while killing time on Facebook, their... Continue Reading →

Life on a ledge.

There is this conference I want to attend in Nashville. It’s 6 hours away. I’ve got all sorts of anxiety over driving the 6 hours there, attending it solo, and eating out by myself?! Forget about it. . Then I look at this 20ish year old version of me. She was so cool. (Hair choices,... Continue Reading →

Short North Staycation part three.

I knew I wanted to offset all the eats with some fitness inspired dates. Then the stars aligned when I learned Core Power Yoga had a free trial week and was right across from our hotel. The class that fit our schedule was for experienced yogis in a heated room. We’d never done an ounce... Continue Reading →

Short North Staycation part two.

If you’ve spent any time in downtown Columbus, you’ve probably been to the Fox in the Snow cafe. BUT. Did you walk a mile in 27 degree snowy weather to get there? (We’ll do a Columbus staycation, we said. We’ll walk everywhere, we said. It’ll be fun, we said. It’ll be ridiculously cold with a... Continue Reading →

Short North Staycation part one.

I am a south Florida girl born and raised. I met my Ohio native hubby on a trip to Columbus and moved here after we were married. But I’ve been here almost 7 years now and I’ve never really explored this city. We have two littles, which makes dating in itself hard... but to be... Continue Reading →

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