On this day..

There is nothing spectacular about this photo yet everything about this moment was. Let me back up. Today we debuted a ridiculously adorable video over on THEBBTEE of this mission my five year old is on to help sponsor a child’s education in Haiti. (Click here to see.) Later while killing time on Facebook, their... Continue Reading →

Life on a ledge.

There is this conference I want to attend in Nashville. It’s 6 hours away. I’ve got all sorts of anxiety over driving the 6 hours there, attending it solo, and eating out by myself?! Forget about it. . Then I look at this 20ish year old version of me. She was so cool. (Hair choices,... Continue Reading →

Boats and holes and beautiful souls.

I started a new book. It’s actually a bible study spin off of a book. I bought it used, probably, more than 10 years ago. It has somebody else’s name written inside the cover: Emily Ayers. (Ironically, my maiden name and maybe why I purchased it at the time.) I humored this author and actually... Continue Reading →

Don’t worry, Joseph.

Lately, I feel like getting my girls to listen to anything I say is a chasing after the wind. This week, I’ve not been the best version of myself. I’ve been impatient and quick to anger. It was a rough start to our morning. So after breakfast I told the babes they could pick a... Continue Reading →

Say yes.

I have two very strong willed girls (ages 5 and 4). When I’m not hiding in a corner crying or stress eating Dominos (can a girl get a sponsorship?) over having to navigate parenting these gorgeous lunatics, I’m actually thankful for their stubbornness. “They’ll be less subjective to peer pressure”, they say. “They’ll be future... Continue Reading →

I do love you.

I don’t write about parenting because I think I’m an expert. I’ve learned recently that I have some sort of skill set, passion or personality type that if something works or I learn anything remotely useful—I need to share it. I need to externally process it and I feel compelled to make sure you know... Continue Reading →

Friday Finds

I remember taking Christianity seriously around 18ish, after being invited to a college ministry. I felt Jesus, believed He died for my sins, read my Bible... yet I still accidentally believed you had to separate faith from science. . The best day ever was when I discovered really smart people had done their research and... Continue Reading →

It starts with us.

I have nothing to say that hasn’t been said about the tragedy in Parkland or the murder of two Daddies who didn’t get a chance to return from work in Westerville. It’s paralyzing to dwell on the world we live in today. We can’t control bad people. And I hate it all. I hate feeling... Continue Reading →

Just put your panties on.

“I told you what to do and you’re not listening so I don’t feel bad for you.” The second it slipped out of my mouth, I wished I could take it back. Immediately, I felt shame. “Thank you God for never saying this to your children”, I prayed out loud. Now before you judge me,... Continue Reading →

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