Praying about a parade.

I’ve always been pretty consumed with the need to live out a good story. Maybe that’s the writer in me. More likely, it’s the Author in God calling me into a better life. Not better, as in more put together and polished but better as in meaningful and memorable. Donald Miller writes a lot about... Continue Reading →

The Wailing Room

The wailing room. A story turn is defined as a moment in which the protagonist will never be the same. There are negative turns and positive turns. Right now I’m going through an exercise (via the workbook Storyline) to redeem my negative turns. Donald Miller says that Victor Frankl says, “a person can gain a... Continue Reading →

I’m writing a book.

After you decide to try your hand at writing a book, you have to figure out what it'll be about. I feel like maybe people who have their lives more together, have an idea first and then decide to write about it. I don't have my life together yet though and frankly, I want the... Continue Reading →

Living a better story.

Maybe it’s late, my brain is overactive and I’m sleep deprived. Or maybe this is as impactful and worthy to share as I think it is. This is the first few pages of a chapter I just read, skipping the middle that I don’t think the story hinges upon, and ending with a tear jerker... Continue Reading →

Gut check.

Jovie tonight- “I feel like you and Daddy don’t even know Jesus bc you never read your Bibles.” Talk about gut check. She’s 100% right. We have been in a rut—insert a million excuses—but here’s your friendly reminder (mine was more brutal) that YOUR KIDS ARE ALWAYS WATCHING AND LEARNING. Am I modeling a relationship... Continue Reading →

From pit to peace.

Just hours after Remy’s birth they took her from me for testing—to look at her vocal cords, I think. One minute I’m holding her tiny fingers in my hand while she’s being examined on a table, the next a doctor is calling my husband to return to the hospital because I was too inconsolable to... Continue Reading →

The gospel and my girls.

Sure, they are just four and five. And sure, kids are prone to naughty. They aren’t spared of sinful souls. They aren’t perfect. I don’t expect them to be. And I’m not a perfect mom, but I like to think I’m a good mom. Things are rough around here right now. I’m constantly examining and... Continue Reading →

Dear daughters, yes.

I have been so convicted lately of how often I try to control my daughters. I’m in a season of being hypersensitive to the insane amount of times I say no, when I could’ve easily said yes. And it’s a lot. . Someone shared with me recently a book they are reading that emphasizes how... Continue Reading →

Mozart Piano Concerto No. 15

Ballerina outfits on. “Alexa, play classical music.” The living room stage is set and they dance. They have my undivided attention (read: phone is in another room) as they leap and spin (and fall from excess spinning). I take a mental snapshot. I will miss this. Soon the burdens of this world will weigh down... Continue Reading →

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