I have a secret.

So kinda big news... I have no idea how it all will go down yet—I wing everything. You know this. I’m not sure when I’ll officially announce on my business page but, figured here is a good place to start. The suspense. If you don’t know, I married into a family business. I’ve always admired... Continue Reading →


I’m not a stranger to this story or concept. I’ve just never really spent time here because it’s a lesson to not be a “Martha”, right? And frankly, I’ve got that covered. I am not a homemaker. I’ve never felt like I related to Martha, so I’ve never let the story actually speak to me.... Continue Reading →

Secret is out.

I have a secret—writing it out seems so official so I’ve avoided it. . 1 year ago to the day (didn’t plan this coincidence) I sat in a women’s retreat titled “The one thing”. I was challenged to examine what my one thing was. Was it Jesus? My honest answer is seldom Jesus. Normally, my... Continue Reading →


Confession 🚨: . I'm a #girlboss now. It says it on my shirt and I recently organized an entire mini-market around the concept. I've never been great at keeping a clean room and getting dressed for the day isn't my strong suit BUT I have been known to plan a bomb.com event every once in awhile. And... Continue Reading →

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