I’m NOT a morning person.

On Tuesday night, September 3rd 2019, I set my Wednesday morning alarm for 6am. My plan was to get up and workout before 7 (the time I normally get the girls and myself ready for school/work). I told myself I’d just do 15 minutes. My goal was different than before. Normally, I work out to... Continue Reading →

I’m writing a book.

After you decide to try your hand at writing a book, you have to figure out what it'll be about. I feel like maybe people who have their lives more together, have an idea first and then decide to write about it. I don't have my life together yet though and frankly, I want the... Continue Reading →


I think I’ve always been prone to an over awareness and self absorption regarding my appearance, but recently it’s become all consuming. Maybe it’s easy and daily access to unrealistic images? Maybe it’s my post-motherhood body? Or post-tumor physical and emotional adjustments? Or maybe it’s just that I long too hard for my 20ish year... Continue Reading →

Baby steps.

If you read my last post, you learned I’m on a journey. A self love journey, I suppose. Even to say that out loud makes me cringe. Long way to go. Today though, this question stopped me in my tracks. And I want to ask you the same.. “Why do you want to be pretty?”... Continue Reading →

Boats and holes and beautiful souls.

I started a new book. It’s actually a bible study spin off of a book. I bought it used, probably, more than 10 years ago. It has somebody else’s name written inside the cover: Emily Ayers. (Ironically, my maiden name and maybe why I purchased it at the time.) I humored this author and actually... Continue Reading →

The sun never touches the water.

Yesterday was day one (again) in the battle of my food addiction. I woke up to discover that my “last meal” brownies and ice cream hadn’t gotten thrown out the night prior as planned. But the day was young and my will power was strong, so I bagged them up and froze them. (For what?... Continue Reading →


Between the discovery of my brain tumor and today, the scale is up 41 pounds. I could cry just re-reading that sentence out loud. (And looking at this screen grab of me from a video testimonial taken a day or two before surgery.) At the end of 2017, I decided to take up battle on... Continue Reading →


I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me. Instagram has given me friendships with some of my favorite humans, amazing experiences and a business (see also: spending money 💸). But it’s also a vehicle in which I am inclined to get in and drive down “Covet Lane”, or “Negative Self Narrative Avenue”. Set... Continue Reading →

It starts with us.

I have nothing to say that hasn’t been said about the tragedy in Parkland or the murder of two Daddies who didn’t get a chance to return from work in Westerville. It’s paralyzing to dwell on the world we live in today. We can’t control bad people. And I hate it all. I hate feeling... Continue Reading →

The secret to weight loss.

So I do tubs. Like crazy scolding hot baths in the winter. My skin is used to being scorched by the sun and that sensation just doesn’t happen here in January. Florida girl in Ohio problems. So I do tubs. Tonight I decided to leave my phone out of reach. I’d try true relaxation. Turns... Continue Reading →

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