Praying about a parade.

I’ve always been pretty consumed with the need to live out a good story. Maybe that’s the writer in me. More likely, it’s the Author in God calling me into a better life. Not better, as in more put together and polished but better as in meaningful and memorable. Donald Miller writes a lot about... Continue Reading →

Just pull over.

I was reading highlights out of Francis Chan’s Forgotten God to Hubs in the car on the way home from dropping Jovie off at school. We were discussing how we can tend to get tripped up on what, as a couple, we are called to be doing. We have these grand sweeping convictions. Big picture... Continue Reading →

I’m NOT a morning person.

On Tuesday night, September 3rd 2019, I set my Wednesday morning alarm for 6am. My plan was to get up and workout before 7 (the time I normally get the girls and myself ready for school/work). I told myself I’d just do 15 minutes. My goal was different than before. Normally, I work out to... Continue Reading →

Gay rescuers in a Tennessee flood.

I read a book in a day. If I were to write a review on it, I actually don’t think I’d say it was a good book. Seems contradictory, since I read it’s 400 something pages in just a few hours. The book’s first chapters drew me in. And while, I didn’t love the characters... Continue Reading →

A word about fish.

Unfortunately, it’s not a revelation from my own brain, but I thought the analogy so brilliant I had to share. I don’t know what care is involved in the upkeep of a salt water aquarium. Apparently a lot. The author, Yancy, I’m reading [The Jesus I never knew] does know. He talks of the meticulous... Continue Reading →


Most professing Christians have heard the Scripture in Hebrews that says the Bible is ‘living and active, sharper than any double edge sword, it penetrates the soul’. We’ve heard it, but do we REALLY believe it? John 6 says, ‘the words I have spoken to you are LIFE’. These are bold statements to read over... Continue Reading →

Easter. Like whoa.

I’m pretty well versed in my Christianity; meaning, I’ve been saying the same things for quite sometime. Familiarity can be an amazing gift, but it can also be a tool for dullness and loss of power. For instance, I know my husband is a hunky man. And it’s not that I forget how deeply attracted... Continue Reading →

Do you forgive me?

Before Jesus departs the earth and heads back to heaven, he prays to the Father for unity of his followers. He says UNITY will enable the world to believe. “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for ALL who will ever believe in me through their message. I pray that they will... Continue Reading →

Jonah and the sausage.

I was watching a documentary about a missing girl when all of the sudden it took a turn into the world of child trafficking. The episode ended and I made my way upstairs for bed with a knot in my throat. I laid down that night in the fetal position almost sure I was going... Continue Reading →

The first step.

I just got done reading The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. If you don’t know, the book is a collection of letters from an uncle demon to his nephew demon. His nephew is overseeing a “patient” who has recently become a Christian and they are trying to exploit his humanity and derail any gains for... Continue Reading →

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