Most professing Christians have heard the Scripture in Hebrews that says the Bible is ‘living and active, sharper than any double edge sword, it penetrates the soul’. We’ve heard it, but do we REALLY believe it? John 6 says, ‘the words I have spoken to you are LIFE’. These are bold statements to read over and then leave our Bibles collecting dust on the shelf, reserving any Bible edification up to our preachers and teachers and Bible study leaders.

What would it look like to put away formal teaching, commentaries and discussion questions to JUST read the Bible, trusting that the same Holy Spirit that authored it’s very words lives inside of us believers and that Spirit will draw people.. I mean, really draw them to Himself? (1 John 2:27)

What would it look like to have the Bible be the main attraction?—not even yummy snacks, the familiarity of knowing everyone, or being from the same Church. It’s enough for believers on the other side of the world. How come in all my years of Christianity, I’ve never allowed it to be enough for me? I read recently an Indian man who said, “You Americans are funny. In India, people get excited just to pray and read.” I was so convicted. I had to know. Is the Word really enough? I mean, I know it is. But I wanted to experience it for myself. Well, it felt so weird… so weird, but I put myself out there and asked some ladies if they’d want to read the Bible out loud with me on Monday nights.

People said yes, you guys. They actually said yes. And further more, people actually showed up. And we read. That’s it. We took turns reading the Bible out loud.

It’s been over an hour since everyone left my house. But I still feel so energized and encouraged I could do CrossFit or run or something else absurd like that. 😂😘 It was enough. More than enough. Cannot wait for next week.

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  1. Yes! Nothing can transform a person the way the actual word of God does. No devotional can ever take it place. I’m saying this from experience, it’s only after I started diving into the word, that my heart actually started changing. Good post


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