A word about fish.

Unfortunately, it’s not a revelation from my own brain, but I thought the analogy so brilliant I had to share.

I don’t know what care is involved in the upkeep of a salt water aquarium. Apparently a lot. The author, Yancy, I’m reading [The Jesus I never knew] does know. He talks of the meticulous care that goes into providing salt water fish with a certain quality of life.

“You would think, in view of all the energy expended on their behalf, that my fish would at least be grateful,” he says.

But no. Every time his shadow moves over the tank, they all run for cover. They only fear him.

“To my fish I was a deity.”

He is too large and too incomprehensible for them. His acts of mercy, they see as cruelty. His attempts at healing or help, are only perceived as destruction.

Any chance someone needs to hear this? Any chance this unlocked a truth for you in how we view our big big God? He is too large and too incomprehensible for US. His acts of mercy, can feel cruel and devastating to US. When He reaches out with help, refining us with discipline, we think we might die from the “healing”.

Does anyone remember the movie ‘The incredible Mr. Limpet’? It’s old. I have no idea why it popped into my brain just now, but I’m going with it. There’s this guy, (Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith show) and he wants to enlist in the Navy but is denied. Depressed, he goes for a walk down a pier and falls in the water. Suddenly, he’s turned into a fish. He uses his new fish likeness to locate Nazi U-boats and reports his findings back to the Navy.

What he couldn’t accomplish as man, he succeed in fish world.

Now how could a big-big-scary-shadow-moving-over-us-God reveal His true intentions for us? By becoming one OF US. And that’s precisely what He did.

In most religions, fear is the primary emotion when one approaches God. But our God is APPROACHABLE. In Jesus, God found a way of relating to human beings that did not involve fear.

To quote Yancey directly, “A new approach was needed, a New Covenant, one that would not emphasize the vast gulf between God and humanity but instead would span it.”

The Word became flesh. For us. Creator stepped into creation. For us.

This is gooooood stuff, right? This is real good stuff.

*read in Noah Calhoun’s accident from The Notebook*

God says, “If you’re a fish. I’m a fish.”

((And I probably just ruined the impact above with that lame joke. Forgive me. 😂))

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