Living a better story.

Maybe it’s late, my brain is overactive and I’m sleep deprived. Or maybe this is as impactful and worthy to share as I think it is.

This is the first few pages of a chapter I just read, skipping the middle that I don’t think the story hinges upon, and ending with a tear jerker wrap up.

I know there are a million moving parts to parenting. Perhaps, there is something big here. Something big enough to pause on and not allow ourselves to slip by unmoved.

Just maybe, what our children need is an offer of a better story than the one the outside world is baiting them with—sure that one might be flashier with cheap thrills and more explosions.

What if they had the chance to be a hero in their own story, though? What if we communicated that they had a purpose and a plan and a story that only they could live out? What if they believed the world could be a better place because the specific characteristics, collective gifts and compassions they possess? What if we instilled a sturdy confidence in them that they are here because God decided it would be so, because He wanted to include them in His story? And what a radical idea if we, their models, believed the same of ourselves?

Excerpts from Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand years.

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