Happy [AN]niversary to me.

Yesterday I woke up and everything was grey. You see, it was my three year brain surgery anniversary and the day always finds me depressed.


I recently joined a virtual support group for Acoustic Neuroma survivors. I made my first post yesterday— asking what they do and how they feel on their anniversaries. About 40 comments came through the same—they celebrate life. And there I sat reading through them, deciding and wondering how I became the most pessimistic AN survivor on the planet.


In short, on my anniversary I focus in on all the things surgery robbed me of. I guess, instead I should try my hand at remembering the tumor in my head set out to kill me and didn’t succeed.


This year, I’ll aim to be more like the girl in the picture—hours after surgery and walking laps around the ICU with that survivor swag. She didn’t lay around like a victim, she said, “Oh it could be days or weeks before I walk unassisted? Be right back.” 💪🏽


There is way more power in the word ‘survivor’ than in the word ‘victim’ and the fact is, I get to choose which I am every January 14th.

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