I have a secret.

So kinda big news…

I have no idea how it all will go down yet—I wing everything. You know this. I’m not sure when I’ll officially announce on my business page but, figured here is a good place to start.

The suspense.

If you don’t know, I married into a family business. I’ve always admired it from a far and wondered if I’d ever have a place there, or anything to offer. TheBBtee was 100% accidental but it’s taught me so much, introduced me to so many amazing people and opportunities and lastly, provided a skill set I will now get to use in my new job at the family business.

So wow. Secret is out. There is an official end date on TheBBtee. Well, official end. I don’t have a date.

If you’ve spoken to me longer than two seconds, you’re probably well aware I’ve had a love/hate relationship with entrepreneurship. So no sadness here, unless pity would motivate you to buy all my leftover product. 😂😘

You’ve probably seen me start to blow out my inventory cheap. I have a few shops that are buying up product, and I am planning on having a pop up at some point so locals can shop VIP pricing in person.

This is way lengthier than I intended, so I’ll spare of you the cheesy thank yous and how much I appreciate your support over the years but every like, comment, share, purchase was never unnoticed and I’m so grateful. I look forward to sharing more details on my next adventure as an employee of CWI, inc and Craft House Designs.

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