Dear daughters, yes.

I have been so convicted lately of how often I try to control my daughters. I’m in a season of being hypersensitive to the insane amount of times I say no, when I could’ve easily said yes. And it’s a lot.


Someone shared with me recently a book they are reading that emphasizes how important having a relationship with your child is. It shouldn’t be rocket science. It makes perfect sense, if your kid likes you, wants to be around you… has confidence that you feel the same… that’ll translate into a really good relationship.


Hubs and I have always known we wanted this as parents and have seen the product of this played out in lives of certain parents with older children around us that we look up to. But I had no idea how largely I was missing the mark. I mean, they adore me now. But that is God’s grace in their young ages. They will grow out of needing me, trusting me, liking me, respecting me. I mean, I wouldn’t like someone controlling my every move. Why on earth would they?


So I’ve been saying yes. A lot. Hubby snapped this picture for me at (our second home) Chipotle last night. And I need future me to remember this moment.


After every few bites of quesadilla, Rem would get up in the empty restaurant and dance her heart out. Normally, I’d be insistent upon her sitting her in chair… “no playing”, “come on.. eat your food”, “hurry up I don’t want to be here all night”. But tonight she danced. And we didn’t stop her. And we enjoyed her. I didn’t try to control the situation. And the world didn’t crumble because she didn’t finish her dinner. And I didn’t try to control the situation. And we didn’t rush out and on to the next thing. And I didn’t try to control the situation. And it was good. And–well, you get the point.


Not pictured: older sis in mermaid dress up, head to toe eating her first burrito bowl, also not being controlled and living her best life.

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