Mozart Piano Concerto No. 15

Ballerina outfits on. “Alexa, play classical music.” The living room stage is set and they dance. They have my undivided attention (read: phone is in another room) as they leap and spin (and fall from excess spinning). I take a mental snapshot. I will miss this.

Soon the burdens of this world will weigh down their tutus. A classmate will make fun of them. A friend will betray them. A boy will break their heart. God will say no, when they prayed for a yes. The Holy Spirit will lead them out of their comfort zones. More times than not, they’ll want to be more like the world than Jesus. Accidents. Consequences. Sin. Sickness. From all this they will not escape.

But today. They dance. Today they are carefree and basking in affirmation and safety.

This moment their mother is reminded to enjoy them more than she controls them. Who cares if you stand next to your chair at dinner instead of sitting in it? Who cares if you want to wear long sleeves in the middle of summer? Or bring a toy in public? Or if you spill your drink… again?

Daughters, you have the rest of your lives of toil and trouble. Today, just dance.

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