On this day..

There is nothing spectacular about this photo yet everything about this moment was.

Let me back up.

Today we debuted a ridiculously adorable video over on THEBBTEE of this mission my five year old is on to help sponsor a child’s education in Haiti. (Click here to see.)

Later while killing time on Facebook, their “on this day” feature told me we announced our pregnancy with her 6 years ago “on this day”.

Here’s where all worlds collide. “On this day” 8 years ago… I was in Haiti. I was trekking through rivers and over mountains. I was in orphanages and in villages. I was in this hammock on top of a hill watching a lightning show, feeling rightfully small in communion with a big God.

I just recently wrote about how adventures have seemed so far behind me and that maybe my passions are buried deep in life’s rubble. Turns out, watching my babes’ hearts grow in the Lord and seeing them loving God and loving others will be my greatest and most meaningful adventure yet.

Let the record show… “on this day”, I’m feeling rightfully small (and massively grateful) in communion with a big God… not on a hill in Haiti, but down the hall from the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

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