Don’t worry, Joseph.

Lately, I feel like getting my girls to listen to anything I say is a chasing after the wind. This week, I’ve not been the best version of myself. I’ve been impatient and quick to anger.

It was a rough start to our morning. So after breakfast I told the babes they could pick a “Jesus cartoon” (they have a Netflix style app with tons of Christian shows for kids) while I read my Bible.

Jovie picked a movie about Joseph. I stuck my nose in Ecclesiastes. Half way in, I hear Joseph cry out. “God why are you doing this to me?”

Without skipping a beat, Jovie answers him… “Don’t worry, Joseph. God has a plan for your life.”

And just like that, the week’s struggle melts away. I’m filled with such gratitude that I get to be this girl’s mommy. I cannot wait to see God’s plan for this beautiful minded babe’o’mine.

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