Friday Finds

I remember taking Christianity seriously around 18ish, after being invited to a college ministry. I felt Jesus, believed He died for my sins, read my Bible… yet I still accidentally believed you had to separate faith from science.


The best day ever was when I discovered really smart people had done their research and I could actually stand on facts as a Christian. Ever since I’ve been drawn to the knowledge and history of Jesus. It’s so important to me that my babes have a relationship with Jesus… a relationship that is built on a solid foundation. And while, faith is a huge part of our Christian walk, I want them to know the areas that they don’t have to close their eyes and cross their fingers hoping that they are right in what they believe.


So you can imagine my excitement when I was gifted these books for my babes. Each one is a quick devotional.


The one on the left tells about a new person each day. My daughters are learning about real life martyrs, game changers, missionaries and how we can be bold for Jesus.


This morning my five year old asked to reread the story of “the guy who stuffed his car full of Bibles for people”.


The book on the right is a collection of mini devotions about God and Science. The babes love to flip through and when a picture catches their eye (like a corpse flower or a giant sunfish) they ask me to read about it. (Mommy does a lot of googling after, too. BECAUSE SCIENCE IS CRAY.)


We leave these on our table to help us remember to read them at meal times.


These are my Friday finds. Your turn! What’s something you’ve recently purchased for the babes that you can’t live without? Let me know!!

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