Short North Staycation part two.

If you’ve spent any time in downtown Columbus, you’ve probably been to the Fox in the Snow cafe. BUT. Did you walk a mile in 27 degree snowy weather to get there?

(We’ll do a Columbus staycation, we said. We’ll walk everywhere, we said. It’ll be fun, we said. It’ll be ridiculously cold with a crazy wind chill, Ohio weather said. 🤦🏻‍♀️)

I couldn’t feel my ears here. 👇🏽

We’d never been before, but I couldn’t handle seeing one more cinnamon roll on my instafeed. Serious FOMO and after today, I realized it was completely justified. So. Good. Also, um.. egg sandwich?!? Where have you been all my life? (True story: We might’ve had one every morning we were here.)

Hubs and I got lost in conversation and watched them make all the goods in the kitchen—wondering if they ever surprised their friends at dinner parties with cinnamon rolls or sticky buns? —and how do we find friends like that?

Next on our foodie stop, Pint House. This was probably cheating on my “out of comfort zone” rules. I came here one time with friends (@eatplaycbus@acityexplored and @midwestfoodfest ) last summer and I haven’t stopped thinking about those appetizers since. I had to come back. Had to.

After our 3pm apps, we weren’t hungry for dinner at our normal time (5pm 😂 #toddlerparentlife) so we made reservations at The Pearl for 9pm like 20 year olds or something. I loved it.

A year or so ago some friends told us to 1.) check out The Pearl and 2.) order the tater tots. I distinctly remember thinking what a weird recommendation that was. But I’m grateful that we listened and I’m here to tell you to 1.) check out The Pearl and 2.) GET THE TOTS.

Our last day of staycation was kind of a check out and hit the road kinda day. But not before checking something off my food bucket list.

Those tiny little balls of pancake and Nutella deliciousness from Katalina’s, 100% lived up to the hype. And look at me ending this post like a pro food blogger:

…to be continued (again).

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