Short North Staycation part three.

I knew I wanted to offset all the eats with some fitness inspired dates. Then the stars aligned when I learned Core Power Yoga had a free trial week and was right across from our hotel.

The class that fit our schedule was for experienced yogis in a heated room. We’d never done an ounce of yoga before so it made perfect sense we’d try this one, insert: nervous laugh. The goal was to get out of our comfort zone, though so #yolo. (Do people even say that anymore? 🤷🏻‍♀️)

It. Was. Amazing. Well for one, can I just have a hot room like that in my house? For two, it was such a good workout (burned about 500 calories) and our instructor, Stephanie, could not have been sweeter and more encouraging. We were in a room where people were busting out headstands and handstands with ease, yet we never felt out of place.

I think I want to be a yogi. (Is that what they are called?) I know I want to look like one.

Next on our different date agenda was Columbus Axe Throwing. Yep.

Stop what you’re doing right now and go book your next date or hangs at @cbusaxethrowing . This couldn’t have been more out of my comfort zone. Walking up, I had this nervous “what have I gotten myself into?” smile plastered on my face. But literally within seconds the staff made us feel like we were old friends and professional axe throwers. (Shout out to Raven and Nate for making this the highlight of our trip!)

Hubs, the firefighter, was a natural. For me, there was definitely a learning curve (see also: needed assurance that I wouldn’t hit myself in the back of the head or chop my leg off), but once you get the feel of it… so addicting… so exciting. (Or should I say AXE-citing?) I even got a few bullseyes. Thinking about going pro. 💁🏻‍♀️

And I’m not sure this is their marketing angle, but I burned 300 calories in one hour. So it’s a legit workout, too. Or at least I’m pretending the calories at dinner after didn’t count.

We both agreed it was the highlight of our trip. We will definitely be headed back. Who wants to come with?

Next noteworthy thing. We walked almost everywhere. The weather was brutal for this Florida girl at first, but dare I say?.. by the end, I loved it.

Fun fact: We were actually only away for roughly 40 hours. But apparently 40 hours is precisely all it takes to fall in love with a city.

Date nights will never be the same… in a good way. Totally upping our parents’ night out game.

What should we do (or eat) next?

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