Short North Staycation part one.

I am a south Florida girl born and raised. I met my Ohio native hubby on a trip to Columbus and moved here after we were married. But I’ve been here almost 7 years now and I’ve never really explored this city. We have two littles, which makes dating in itself hard… but to be honest, downtown overwhelms me. I act like High Street is reserved for cool kids only and that someone will smell this suburban mom from a mile away and give me the boot back to Easton or something.

Well, you guys… I tossed caution (see also: anxiety) to the wind and set out on an adventure to make this city my own. My goal was to: eat all the food and pretend like I was 20 again.

Verdict is in… HUGE SUCCESS. It was one of my favorite vacations to date. And the fact it was in our back yard just blows my mind.

Hubs and I booked a two night stay at The Joseph in Short North, planned some fun out of the box dates and pretended like we lived downtown for the week.

When I asked the internets where the boy and I should stay, it was no contest. Everyone said, LeMeridien Columbus—The Joseph!

And now I know why. Sure, it was gorgeous (and kidless), the staff was above and beyond and our 10th floor view of High Street was hypnotizing but my favorite part? The location. We were literally in the heart of it all. Everything was in walking distance. We couldn’t have picked a better spot.

As soon as we checked in, (I did a happy dance on the bed and then) we went to the gym. I literally loathe running, but I busted out 20 minutes on the treadmill without a negative thought, because that view!

And then we pumped some iron. Because #swolemates.

The fact that The Guild House is connected and they have an in house bar was a huge bonus (because it was 25 degrees outside!). Plenty to do without leaving the property.

I can count the amount of times the boy and I have sat at a bar on one hand, I think. So a special ‘Thank you’ goes out to Kurtis for answering all my, “what is a Mexican mule?– and what is that pink drink down there?’ questions. But he really won me over when I asked him to pause pouring my drink so I could get a boomerang and he willingly obliged.

So hands down, if you’re headed to Columbus or are in the market for a staycation like us, booking a room at The Joseph is an absolute must.

They also have an on site spa and you’re looking at a gal with a birthday gift certificate for a full massage. I’ve never had one before so you knowwww they’ll be a post about that experience coming up. And an excuse to head back to The Joseph? Yes, please.

…to be continued.

Photos from their Instagram:

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