Day 13.

I’ve been going through a Bible study with some gals for a few weeks. Here’s my post from today. Maybe you need to hear it?

When the scale doesn’t cooperate. That’s her [the author of the study guide] subject of the day. I’m going off roading, though.

I weigh myself (almost) everyday. Morning and night. It has both a productive and destroying power. I could list them, but I am guessing our lists would be pretty similar. You get it.

Does God want me to lose weight? Does God care at all what I look like on the outside? What does he ACTUALLY want for me? Health. ✔️ Freedom from sin. ✔️ A fruit bearing life of patience and self-control. ✔️ Peace and joy. ✔️ To be used by Him and not crippled by insecurity or fear. ✔️ The fact of the matter is I can conquer my sin, break free from this bondage AND NOT LOSE A SINGLE INCH AROUND MY WAIST.

If I wrote a diet book today… I’d title it, “FAT PEOPLE GO TO HEAVEN”.

Chapters to include: fat people get married, fat people laugh, fat people have friends, fat people win souls for Jesus, and lastly… most of you fat people aren’t even fat, just turn off your tv.

We have to align our focus on the actual internal cure. Not our outward appearance.

So when my kids have fevers, Hubs is at work so I can’t go to the gym and I cope with the derailed plans by eating a 10 piece nugget AND a double cheeseburger. Yes, the scale went up the next morning. But worse, the moment I allowed food to comfort me over God—that was the real tragedy.

Today spend sometime trying on the truth that if your body never changed, but you broke free of this body insecurity bondage—would that be enough?

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