Jovie Praise.

In true fire wife fashion, with both babes, Hubs woke up for his two unit shift day, left and within 30 minutes I had called him back because babes were on their way.
It was December 31st, 2012. We drove to the hospital around lunch time in a literal blizzard. I remember thinking how bizarre that a girl who had never even seen snow until a few years prior was now having a baby on the snowiest day Ohio had seen in awhile.
We rang in 2013 from our hospital room. With nurses excitedly cheering Jovie on and calling around to the other hospitals—the race was on. Who would be the first baby to be born in 2013 in the Columbus area? If you needed any proof outside of observing her parents that competitiveness was in her DNA, then look no further than her birth story.
She arrived on scene 8 days early, 9lbs 14oz, with a head full of hair and wrapped in a blanket with her first accomplishment embroidered on it—First baby of 2013.
I cannot believe tomorrow we will have a 5 year old. Year four was a good one. Year four, I believe, Jovie recognized her need for a savior and we’ve witnessed the most beautiful and genuine relationship born of that.
I was explaining to Jovie this morning that I might come up with a word for 2018, something to focus on and motivate me in the coming year. I asked her what she’d pick for her word. And without skipping a beat, she said: LOVE. Love for God and love for others.
And that is just one small slither of a reason I could not be more grateful, thankful, and proud to be her Mommy.

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