Eve’s beach bod.

I did not want to be in bathing suit on vacation. I mean, my body is more suited for oversized sweaters right now. But a couple observations that I always forget until I’m in a bathing suit in public:

1.) My kids don’t care what I look like. They just want me to play with them.


2.) The beach has far more bodies like mine than the ones I see in the online world or on abc’s The Bachelor.

Being in a college ministry in your formidable new Christian years, you hear a lot about modesty, a lot about lust, a lot about girls guarding their hearts and boys guarding their eyes. Not so much about girls guarding their eyes—from body comparison. If you asked me if I played the comparison game, I’d say no. If you asked me if I was lying to myself, I’d say yes.

I mean, thinking out loud.. Do you think if we made it a priority to look away from magazine covers, or scantily clad women on tv, or just women on Instagram living the life we *think* we want or women wearing the outfit we wish we could wear— that we wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves?

I kinda feel like chronic insecurity is a cultural epidemic. We place unattainable expectations on ourselves, and are bombarded with unrealistic images every day. I remember walking by an ad on a bus in Mexico and the guy had a pimple on his back and the girl had razor burn. It was almost hypnotizing. Real people in an ad? Unheard of here, right?

And I mean sure, sometimes a photo can motivate us to change. (Seldom toward health if we are honest, right? More like body goals.) And more often than not, it motivates me toward another batch of brownies because “I’ll never be her.”

Something I think about often when on the subject of body image is.. the first woman’s body. What did Eve look like? What in the world did the crown of God’s creation look like? Act like? What did it feel like to be naked and unashamed? What was it like to be the true standard of beauty to your husband? Did she appreciate the gift of not having another made like her to compare herself to? Or mirrors? Did she have a thigh gap? A double chin? Gravity defying boobs? God said what He made was good. I mean for crying out loud, what did her eyebrows look like? I have to know what God thinks are “good” eyebrows.

I’m kind of joking, kind of not. The Bible doesn’t describe her physical appearance. Have you ever thought about why? Is it because God knows we’d use His masterpiece to shame ourselves? Or is it because…

Look up 1 Samuel 16:7.

To close this out… Here’s a cheesy challenge for the next 24. Anytime you think a negative thought about your appearance, pray out loud “Dear God, help me to see myself how you see me.”

Oh wait. Did I say the next 24 hours? I meant the rest of your life.

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