Secret is out.

I have a secret—writing it out seems so official so I’ve avoided it.
1 year ago to the day (didn’t plan this coincidence) I sat in a women’s retreat titled “The one thing”. I was challenged to examine what my one thing was. Was it Jesus? My honest answer is seldom Jesus. Normally, my idol is my family. So you can imagine I was doubly disgusted to learn that there was a newly throned king’o’my’heart in town.
My business.
It consumed my time, my energy, my thoughts. I knew sitting in church that weekend that it had to go.
Fact is, I stink at balance. Some people can do it all. But when I tried—the things I cared about the most were suffering. The issue isn’t whether there is a right way to mom—so don’t make this a working mom vs SAHM thing. This is a “mom I wanted to be and wasn’t being” thing. This was a prompting from God to say “no” to something good in order to embrace something better.
I’ve tried to pump the brakes.(I think my husband would suggest, unsuccessfully.) I attempted some boundaries. As a result, my social media began its slow death—and that needed to be okay. If someone bought a shirt and it didn’t ship same day, that needed to be okay too. But I like money. TheBBtee kept growing and bringing that in, so I struggled to fully pull the plug. A few months ago, I decided on my end game.
The plan would be to host a vendor show, mark everything down and move as much merchandise as possible. ✔️ Then, I’d bring those savings to the website, just in time for Black Friday. ✔️
@thebbtee might be rebirthed in a new direction when the time is right—like making tees for friends or being in a storefront, but the social media hustle will cease. I will ditch my phone when my children are awake. I’ll actually pursue real friendships, maybe clean my house more? Work out more? Go vegan? —jk, with the last few. But I will feel FREE and I will do the happiest dance you ever did see.
Thank you doesn’t suffice for all the love I’ve felt from people who’ve helped me, bought from me, repped me. What a year-ish it’s been. What’s next for Jen? Dare I say, cover of mom of the year magazine? Book deal? Fitness model? Sky is the limit.

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