Make out sesh.

Are you married? Do you remember your first kiss with your hubs? How nervous were you? Were there actual sparks when your hands brushed for the first time? Go here today. Think about these things today. Dust off the cobwebs and live in that season for a second.
I can remember Barrett walking in the room. He looked like a J. Crew model. The witty banter was on point and I didn’t want my time with him to end. I went in for the hand shake, he insisted on a hug. Our meeting was a chance one and he actually had a date scheduled the next day.
He texted me after his date. She asked him on a second. I was already back in Florida. He lived in Ohio. I played it cool and confident, for the first and only time in my life. I said there were a few offers from other guys that I’d explore. The sentence wasn’t fully out of my mouth before he started to recant. “No. I don’t want that. I’ll tell her I can’t go.”
He booked a ticket to Florida and I was driving to get him at the airport not quite two weeks after meeting.
We were already in love. We are silly. But I wouldn’t trade it. A reckless and impulsive love story was my deepest heart desire. I found it in him.
I was shaking when I picked him up. He went in for a surprise kiss. I blacked out, I think. We went to grab food. I was so nervous to eat in front of him. I ordered a delicate dainty healthy meal, I’m sure. (Thank God, we grew out of that stage fast.)
Life happens, right? Fast forward about 7 years and 2 little people with SO MANY EMOTIONS. And let me tell you, the boy is still so fine. Even hotter, actually. But I forget to look sometimes. I hate that. We are more in love than ever, but I can’t remember our last great kiss.
Comfort is one of my favorite things about our marriage, but it shouldn’t replace passion. They can coexist. So I’m going to do a thing.
KISSEPTEMBER. (I can do better but it’s late.)
Every single day this month I’m going to plant a big one on him. We are totally going to make out every day. (He’s sleeping while I’m writing this. It’s going to be his favorite post yet. 😂)
Who’s with me? Who is down for a passionate smooching revival?!

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