Fruit flavored lollipops.

I have a food addiction. I think about it way too much. I’ve been a chronic dieter since having my babes. I do a great job of losing a ton of weight and then gaining it back in a day. Things I do not want to happen: my babes to inherit this horrible relationship with food.
I’ve recently tried to watch my words when interacting with the babes. Instead of just hiding the Oreos from them and think I’m winning at projecting health, I’ll actually try to talk up good foods.
For instance, we are playing in their kitchen. They ask what I want to eat. Normally, I’d be like “Um, pizza with a side of donuts please. And make it snappy.” Now, I say.. “I’d like a yummy salad with fruit please.” I didn’t realize even in these little moments I’m imprinting on them that certain foods are more “desirable” than others. These silly moments are actually opportunities to show balance.
I’ve been doing this for about a month, feeling pretty good about myself.. until today.
Jovie (4) made an extravagant two tiered cake for her imaginary tea party. I suggest that she also serve some healthy options like fruit with it. Insert hair flip on being a superb example of a balanced healthy human—then she hits me with, “Yeah. Okay. Sure, I’ll throw some fruit flavored lollipops on it.”
Hurry. Everyone come take parenting advice from me.

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