Are you in good SHAPE?

Let’s just get this out of the way. This picture is fake. I rarely wear pants. And I never get coffee in bed. I get woken up around 7am by my oldest and try to con her into snuggling until 7:30ish when the little one runs in. By then, they are both starving so I make them a breakfast they don’t eat. Thennnn I get the coffee. But the pants never really go on, unless I have somewhere to be. And I avoid places to be like it’s my spiritual gift.
Speaking of–this book is why I faked the picture. It was mentioned in passing during a sermon by my pastor. I had literally been wrestling with this overwhelming feeling of wasting my life. So whatever he said was apparently all I needed to hear. And thanks to Amazon, hubs and I each had $4 copies the next day.
SHAPE stands for: spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality and experiences.
Within minutes (exaggeration) of becoming a Christian in college I took the spiritual gifts test. I liked mine, clung to a characteristic of it (see also: took sinful pride in it) and that was as far as that went. After reading this chapter, I was affirmed in that gift but stretched by a few strong subsets that were also my gifts that I’d never considered. And better yet, it challenged me to see practical areas that I could be using my gifts.
The heart chapter was a real smack in the face. I like how the Message translation of 1 Cor 12:7 explains our gifting. “Each person is given something to do that shows who God is..” [and I like the NIV for the second half] to use for “the common good.” I liked knowing I had a gift, but I didn’t care so much about figuring out how I should be using it for God. I camped in this chapter for a bit, jotting down things I cared about as they came to me. I’m happy to report, I’m not heartless just had some serious dusting to do.
I finished abilities last night. And who doesn’t like diving into how God made you to do certain things well? (I wish not eating pizza was something I did well.. but I’ll settle for writing.)
I could keep talking about myself but I’m actually writing to encourage you. If you feel stuck, or bored, or like a waste of space I would strongly recommend this book. I put a link to cheap used versions below. And if you start reading, I want to hear from you!! Message me, let’s chat.


SHAPE by Eric Rees

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