It’s totally fair.

Today I got to serve at an event @yourgracechurch puts on every year called Single Parent Fair. I was at the raffle table. (About 60 prizes.. literally worth thousands of dollars.) In round three, I drew a winning name.. then two prizes later drew the SAME name.
If I’m honest, I cringed a little inside. It seems *unfair* that one person would win multiple times.
A few minutes pass and most of the winners had claimed their prizes, so my team and I started packing up. A guy approached holding his 5 y/o daughter’s hand, telling me he got a text saying he won. After getting his name, I announced… “Well, you actually won two prizes!”
We chatted and he shared with me that he lost his wife in a car accident three years ago. He said being inside these walls made him realize that he’s been trying to do it alone. He said his daughter needed people, needed to be in church and that he’d be back tomorrow (Sunday) for service.
(He asked if he should wear a suit, Grace goers join me in a quick lol.)
He went on to tell me a friend saw the event and sent him the link. He wasn’t going to come because in his experience, churches can be “pushy”. He said everyone was so welcoming and kind.
In hindsight, I might’ve been pushy when I gave him my email and told him about our Grace group. 🤦🏻‍♀️
But man I hope he comes back. And man, God is so good. And man, it’s totally FAIR that I drew that same name twice.
So today, I’m hugging my babes a little tighter and feeling grateful that God let me witness Him drawing someone back into community.

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