A Love Story.

There was this thing called AOL. Remember that? I met a real life Christian boy. I didn’t know any sort of those boys until then. We talked. We met. It was pretty serious, lasted about 2 weeks. (😂) I read my Bible and crammed all things Christianity into those weeks to impress this boy. When we broke up, I threw my hands in the air. “Okay, God. Now what? He’s the only Christian I know.”
I managed a surf shop back then and the morning following the breakup, a girl walked in asking for an application. I liked her and wanted to be her friend, so I hired her. She was a real life Christian. She was involved in a college ministry and invited me to her Bible study.
I spent 4 years actively involved in that college ministry and made the best friends of my life there. This is one of the first times I remember the brokenness paying off.
In that same ministry I met and dated a boy. After two years, we were engaged to be married. He loved Jesus, was a good guy and liked me. Marriage is next, right? I was 23 and (thought I was) total old maid status. So I did what any (in)sane person would do and convinced myself we needed to be married. Void of any romance and blowing past all red flags, we got engaged. The wedding was planned, counseling completed, seats assigned, people in town.. holy matrimony go time.
The night before the rehearsal dinner, I was finishing up some centerpieces and my fiancé showed up with some news. He wasn’t going to marry me. Well. That hurts. It was a pretty low (and embarrassing) season, to say the least. I spent the next 4 years trying to be content with my singleness but was convinced in my soul that I was unlovable, unworthy and worse.. God had heard my pleas for an epic love story but chose to ignore them.
Two good friends (now married to each other) from college moved from our Florida paradise to Columbus, Ohio to plant a church. While visiting their new Columbus home, I met a boy. A few days later he loved me. (You read that right. We cray.) Four months later, he asked me to marry him. Less than a month after that, he married me. And every day after he’s been a reminder that God had heard my love story prayers. In fact, He had such a great love in store for me, that He broke me first.. to save me. Yet another example of God turning my valley into a mountaintop.

There is a theology and pattern that has developed over the course of my spiritual life. God has broken me often. And every time the surrender is sweeter. He has always been faithful in the rock bottoms. Always present. Always near. I think, if I’m honest, I started to crave the valleys. The communion with God always superseded the situation. I definitely had the posture, to bring “it” on.
Then we found a tumor.

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