Confession 🚨:
I’m a #girlboss now. It says it on my shirt and I recently organized an entire mini-market around the concept. I’ve never been great at keeping a clean room and getting dressed for the day isn’t my strong suit BUT I have been known to plan a bomb.com event every once in awhile. And I can start a business from the couch after brain surgery. (👈🏽Broken record alert.) And and and I can tame my tiny humans all day. I am woman, hear me roar. Right?
It is no joke balancing this new life I’ve created. I’m not one to juggle. I get mega cranky when I’m busy. But before I sprain my wrist patting myself on the back (and simultaneously watching my sanity slip away) for all of the above (plus dieting, plus working out twice a day, plus laundry/dishes/disaster toddler clean up…) I feel like a complete fraud with all this #girlboss talk. I would be absolutely none of this without my husband. Zero. Zilch.
So, at the risk of being kicked out of my gender, I must confess: the strength I possess is only because my husband is who he is. He lets me soar around in the sky with these insane ideas and then supports me as I wrangle them into reality.
I don’t have some profound epiphany today, just feeling overwhelmingly grateful for that man’o’mine and hoping it’s contagious. Girlfriends, we aren’t an easy gender to put up with. On a good day? I’m irrational, inconsistent and lately, without carbs, pretty irritable. So if you’re a real treat like me and managed to trick a cute boy into loving you for a lifetime–don’t forget to tell him you’re thankful for him today.
No, seriously.. go. Tell him.

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