Remy Promise.

Literally the night before we had her, we were laying in bed and I said–“I hope my water doesn’t break at home.” The next morning, I rolled out of bed, 4 weeks early at 7:30am and my water broke.
She was delivered at 9:45pm as squishy as could be with a full head of black hair.
It’s all a blur after that. She was taken to the NICU. At 7lbs10oz she was a monster baby compared to her roommates.
They suspected spinal meningitis and prepared us that our child was “a very sick baby”. She hadn’t even reached 24 hours of life and had received xrays and IVs and a spinal tap. (And most assuredly more, but who wants to remember?)
I just wailed to God in my hospital room, held by hubby, so scared that we would lose her. I remembered scripture about the Holy Spirit interceding if we didn’t have the words and I hoped that was the case. Because there were only sobs. It is the darkest moment of my life.
Despite their every effort to find something “wrong” with her, countless tests and false positives, they never did diagnose her.
Around the two week mark, I lost my mind in a room full of doctors and nurses pleading to bring my daughter home. I can still remember the doctor’s rude warning to me that she would release her but that there was something wrong with her they hadn’t found yet.
3 years in those words still haunt me. We are constantly caving into more tests and evaluations recommended by doctors.
Her entire life has been an onslaught of test after test. No one has diagnosed her with anything yet, so I’ll offer mine: She is the strongest person I’ve ever met. She is perfect. She is gorgeous and funny and laid back. I don’t think it gets sweeter than my Remy Promise. She would eat french fries at every meal if I let her. Her hobbies are making gigantic messes and bumping her head. Not a day goes by that I don’t squeeze her tight while praying thanks for her life and health.
Rem, you are everything I never knew I needed. You melt me into a sappy puddle. I am so lucky God picked me to be your Mommy. Happy 3, baby girl.

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