The greatest love story, maybe?

I believe in Eve. I believe in beauty. A woman’s heart is a tiny glimpse of the Mother of all life and the tenderness she has passed down through the generations. I wonder what it would’ve been like to be on a coffee date with Eve. It would be purely intoxicating to listen to the stories of each and every passionate, undisturbed, vulnerable moment spent with the Lord. What would it look like to love God for who He is? How different would my life be if my hand could rest in His? I’d desperately want to learn the lines of His face, or count the specks in His eyes.

If I squint I can almost make out her vibrant beating heart as I sit across the table listening to her speak of her greatest Love–a Love that she knows personally and to no bounds. She is healthy, she is loved, and there is pure joy pulsing through her veins. It looks as if she might explode. There are no scars in need of mending. There is no worry on her mind. There are no tears to wipe, or pieces to pick up.

But then I blink and am back in a room with wounded souls, cursed to desire the above, yet walk and drink and talk of sorrow. I wonder how much more we can bare on these frail earthly backs. And the silly thing about women, is no matter their load.. they’ll make room for yours too. A woman can be burdened down and toppled over with hardship, but let them hear of your hurt and without missing a beat, they’ll toss your load to the top of their stack and continue on.

But even in the brokenness there is a fire. It can completely illuminate a room and I’ve seen it do so. On a night such as this, when women gather to share their hearts, their struggles, and their victories it’s as if a beacon of light shoots straight out of the ceiling and into the heavens as far as the eye can see.

We don’t know why, or what. We’re scared, broken, bruised, exhausted and without. But we will walk in the footsteps of faith. May we trust Him, not because we have no other option but because He is worthy of it. We will fight for joy amidst the pain. We will set our hearts on the hope to which we have been given. Let us desire Him with a fierceness that does not fade. Sweet one, let Him hold your heart. The weight is heavy and the road is tough, but He is near to the broken.

Praying for you.

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