Portland, I think.

I’m moving to Portland. Don Miller says I should move to Portland. And I think maybe God is telling me to move. But, Don Miller is definitely telling me to leave. Why Portland? I’m not sure. I don’t aim to understand. To leap just feels right–to even breathe in the idea of a cross-country move is liberating. So, I’m moving to Portland… at least for the summer. A summer in Oregon. I like the sound of that. Spending my days in authentic coffee shops discussing current events with strangers. I’d like to go on walks in parks downtown where I can marvel in the excellence of building tops as they peak over the brightly colored trees with leaves that seem to change color before my eyes. I’d like an apartment close enough to the city where the sound of cars and life put me to sleep every night. Yeah, I’d like that very much. I’d take day trips to the coast to catch a sunset and sketch my name in the sand. And I’d write. I’d write and I’d talk to God and I’d write some more. I would enjoy very much going to art galleries with my new liberal hippie friends sharing how the colors made us feel and how our hearts break for the hurting. I’d enjoy Sundays sitting rows behind Don, listening to Rick Mckinley send messages across a room and into hearts of new Christians, strong Christians and non-Christians. I think I’d very much like Imago Dei, even though I‘m still not exactly sure how to pronounce it. So, I think I’ll go to Portland. I can’t imagine a much better feeling then moving far away with absolutely nothing to depend on but God. I think I’ll fall very much in love with Him there. So yeah, I’m moving to Portland.

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